Tropical Hardwood Structural Timbers

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Interior Timbers Greenheart Bridge, Holland Greenheart Lockgate, Holland Greenheart Rafters

We supply a variety of tropical hardwood structural timbers for use as fenders, retaining walls, lock gates, crane mats, rail road ties, decking and timber frame construction.

Green Heart Timber

Greenheart is The Untreated Alternative™ for any marine construction. This dense tropical hardwood is highly resistant to decay, termites and marine organisms. We also offer Ekki (Azobe) and Basralocus (Angelique) which have very similar properties to Greenheart.  See our Green Heart page for more about this amazingly versatile wood.

Purple Heart Timber

Purpleheart is attractive, durable, and versatile. Purpleheart is extremely stable and can be used for any application except (in water) marine construction.

Ipe’ Timber

Durable Wood Products is one of the few companies in the world that can supply Ipe’ Timbers in large dimensions. Ipe’ is more expensive but works great for any type of construction.

See our Wood Species page for information about these and other tropical hardwoods.



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