Green Heart Marine Pilings

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Greenheart Dolphin Piles - Florida Greenheart Long Piles Greenheart Piles - Atlantis Marina. Bahamas Greenheart piles loading into container

Greenheart Piling is in a class by itself -- a class superior to all other woods used for marine and structural applications. “Greenheart : A Timber with Exceptional Qualities” - U.S. Department of Agriculture, states that Green Heart wood is almost immune to decay and is more resistant to Teredo worms and other marine wood borers than any of the hundreds of species of timber so far used for piling.

Greenheart has been in use for centuries around the world, with a proven reputation of longevity when used under extreme conditions. Green heart is becoming increasingly popular as "The Untreated Alternative™". This unique timber requires no treatment (making it a very green solution), yet it is significantly stronger than pine, oak or Douglas fir.

The available lengths in Greenheart piles range from 10 feet to 75 feet long with diameters on the larger end (Butt) of 12” to 22”. We can also supply Turada piles that are less than 12” butt diameter. Turada  pile (common name – Kakaralli) has similar strength properties to Greenheart, and also requires no treatment.



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