We specialize in a wide range of Tropical Hardwood products and are continuing to develop new products. All of our products are naturally durable and require no chemical treatments -- much better for the environment!


Marine Pilings
Green Heart and Turada™ (Kakaralli) pilings are world renowned for their natural resistance against marine organisms and decay. We are a leading supplier of Green Heart & Turada™ pilings in large quantities with prompt deliveries to most destinations in the world.



Structural Timbers
We provide many species of dimensional lumber such as Greenheart, Purpleheart, Mora, Ekki, IIpe, Wallaba and more.


Turada Railroad Ties
Our exclusive railroad product is Turada Ties. This product will far exceed your expectations for quality, durability and price.


Turada Hardwood Shingles
Build a roof to last a lifetime using Turada  Hardwood Shingles, made from Turada  Wallaba wood. Turada  Wallaba is very attractive, and Turada  Hardwood Shingles are significantly stronger than red Cedar or treated pine shingles.



Crane Mats
Our crane mats are made from dense tropical hardwoods such as Greenheart and Mora.


We provide Greenheart poles which are used in various applications around the world when conditions call for a durable and environmentally friendly solution to above ground structures. .


Other Products
Our many other products include Turada™ Decking, flooring, exterior siding, utility poles, prefab homes and much more. We also provide custom milling and kiln drying services.


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