Statement on the environment

Durable Wood Products (DWP) is conscious of its involvement in an industry which is under worldwide scrutiny because of international concerns relating to the preservation of the rain forests (which are regarded as the “lungs of the world”), the responsible exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources and the profound relationship between forestry products, commercial activities and their impact on human development.

Accordingly, DWP has fashioned its corporate strategy to achieve the following objectives:

1. Adherence to International Conventions and National Regulations: DWP’s operations in some of the Guiana Shield countries (Brazil, Guyana and Suriname) are in conformity with the International Conventions and National Forestry Regulations relating to the management of forestry concessions. It enforces the protection of the endangered species listed by CITES (Convention on Trade in Endangered Species) and of the bio-diversity of the eco-systems. It respects the intellectual property rights of the indigenous peoples, whose communities are the beneficiaries of DWP’s field operations.

2. Minimum Environmental Impact: DWP stresses the need for low-impact forestry operations, ensuring that its forestry extraction equipment is state-of-the-art. DWP USA constantly monitors the effect of its logistics systems (timber extraction trails) on watershed management and ensures that only biodegradable wood preservatives are used where such preservatives are necessary.

3. Research and Development: DWP is committed to research, training and development. It works with the local Forest Producers Association, the tropical forest research institutions and environmental protection agencies. It emphasizes the efficient use of equipment, knowledge of the ecosystem and techniques in tree spotting, extraction, processing and shipment, in order to minimize the negative impact of timber harvesting while maximizing the value-added benefits of marketing its quality assured products.

4. A ‘Green’ Image: DWP has an abiding interest in and is dedicated to maintaining its ‘green image’ as an environmentally responsible company, aware of its corporate and social obligations to sustainable development.

* For more information, please refer to the Code of Practice related to management and harvesting of Greenheart.


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